Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fun!

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you won the lottery? Do you think you would continue working? Travel? What home renovations would you do? There are so many inspirational pictures out there in the blog world, from simple DIY to extreme renovations. Like I have mentioned in another post, next year we will have our student loan debt paid off. That means we will have some extra money to finally put into the house. The basement is high on my list of renovations, as is the backyard. I've already showed my dreams for the basement, so now I'll go through some of my backyard ideas.
So who doesn't need a television in their screened in porch? Seriously, I am

Outdoor fireplaces are awesome. This second one is really what I would love. I can just picture all of us, our friends and their kids roasting marshmallows and really enjoying the evening. We are still trying to decide if we should go with an above ground pool with a wrap around deck (much more cost effective) or go all out and do an in ground pool with stamped concrete and beautiful landscaping. We were given quotes for both and there seems to be cost to a $40,000 difference between the two- craziness! So we are looking at both options right now.
This above ground pool is really nice, although my main dining area wouldn't be right next to the water! Seriously, they can't have kids!
This above ground pool even has a slide and a hot tub!! Love it!
This in ground pool is!! So relaxing. Either way, above ground or in ground I would really like a little area for the kids to change into their swim gear, like this one.
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What would you spend your money on? Do you think an above ground pool could be as beautiful as an in ground? These decisions are really hard for me to make. Sometimes I want to go all out with the in ground pool but then other times I really don't want to spend the money on it when there are so many other things that I want to do with the house. Heck, there are so many places and things I want to do with my kids, so many memories I want to make with them. Camping, family vacations, play dates with friends. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....


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