Monday, August 12, 2013

Playroom's A Comin'...

So just like the title of this post states, the playroom is coming along pretty well.  While I really envision the playroom in the basement and the basement all finished with beautiful wood looking floors, drywall painted a nice shade of gray and bead board 6' from the floor and our TV down there in a beautiful white built in cabinet. I can just see hubs and C sitting on the gray sectional from Ikea with an abundance of modern, muted gray and white throw pillows and me sitting at my U-shaped desk typing up a post for the blog or crafting. Little Miss M would be over in the playroom section feeding her babies or changing their clothes.

(I couldn't find the link this mood board came from, if anyone knows please email me)

I also can envision a more modern space, with a large chocolate brown leather sectional with a million red, navy and yellow modern throw pillows and a fireplace. Although I believe the first vision is more to my style and liking. In both cases the kids play space would look the same and I have grand things in mind....grand I tell you!

It is a glorious dream and will be a reality someday but that day is sure not today and I need the kids at this age to be near me. So while I would love to have an entire room dedicated to my office I will just have to share with these 2 munchkins (and by share I mean they get the entire room and I get the built in desk in the closet!) Yes, it is not perfect, nor is it what I really want but they are happy and really isn't that all that matters :) So stay tuned, I'll be showing some sneak peaks into what I am doing in the current playroom this week.

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