Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Fabulous Fall Fashion

Good day y'all! I'm linking up again with the ever so fabulous Kelly, Megan and Lindsay for another Trendy Tot Tuesday post! Hope you enjoy reading!!

With August rounding to an end it makes me start thinking about autumn and cooler weather. Jeans, tights, leggings, boots. It just makes me smile with glee and while we still have beach days left and a few weeks before the weather completely cools down, I can't help but dream and plan Madeline's Fall wardrobe for this year. Madeline had the most adorable fall wardrobe last year and even though she was only 6 months old, she was still rocking her fashionable fall attire. She had ponchos and boots and dresses with leggings. It was all so cute.

This year with her walking I am thinking of lots of dresses with leggings and boots. I can also see her in some cute sweaters and jeans, maybe even a pair of skinny jeans with boots and a poncho.


And of course since my little miss M loves her hats I am sure she'll be rocking some stylin' hats this fall season.
(You can find all the original sourcing on my pinterest page Madeline Fall Fashion 2013)
So what are you picturing your little ones in this autumn season, I can't wait to see.


  1. I love it all! Although I'm not ready for colder weather, I'm ready to start dressing my daughter in fall clothes! I love ponchos and skinny jeans with her little Uggs. So cute!

    1. Ooh, I never thought about Uggs, I must get a pair now :)