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Why blog you ask? Well, I have always wanted to create a place where I could document my home improvements and DIY projects that we complete in our house. I've tried to do one before and it never really worked out. So fast forward a couple of years and we now have two kiddos that I kinda want to remember all the little stuff they do, whether it'd be a "funny" moment or a "I want to pull out my hair" moment.

So now I have summed up my title of my blog "Learning to make Lemonade" which stands true in this household...Reading all these other blogs and watching how perfect they have each and every room. How they can spend a lot of money on DIY projects and go shopping to furnish their rooms. I can't do all that stuff, my house isn't my "dream" home. It doesn't have the right about of rooms, it's no mansion for sure, no open concept like I want. I have to realize that so many other people have far less and I need to work with what I have. Hence the title, if you have a bowl of lemons, just make some lemonade.

So now you want to know more about the good, lookin' family behind the blog? There's me , Jen. A mom of two beautiful little ones, a son and a daughter. I am trying to live an active and healthy lifestyle. I am starting to run and eat healthier foods. To me it is not the number on the scale that is important more so the way that you feel. I also love home improvements and DIY projects. I am completely addicted to pinterest, instagram, coffee and reading. I love books but they have to be paperback or hardcover, I am not into this Kobo or Kindle or any other type of e-reader, I like to be able to curl up in a comfy chair and turn my pages not swipe them.

                                                                         Matt & I

My handsome hubby of 8 years is Matt. He isn't really the blogging, home improvement kinda guy. He enjoys techy stuff, anything to do with computers. He also loves sports and plays basketball year round and come September he'll start playing hockey again until late April. He leaves all the DIY projects to me, and I am okay with that.


Connor (also known as Mister C or C Dog) is 3.5 years old (4 in September) and extremely busy, he loves everything dinosaurs, robots, super heroes. He loves to draw "pictures", paint and play with play doh. He is a handful at times, but most of the time he is just an energetic, loveable little fella. Put music on and he'll dance, or sing or both :-)


Madeline (also known as Maddie or Little Miss M) is the baby of the family. She is loud and fun to be around. She loves her hats and shoes and any accessory. She's sweet and sassy and a sure spitfire. She is nearly 18 months old and is the perfect addition to our family. She balances it out and makes us all better people.

So there you have a low down on my family. I hope you enjoy reading our blog :-)

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