Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Fun

Well I am a little late on posting. As you with children can imagine sometimes life can be a little hectic. Children fall, hurt themselves, cry, and are super needy at times. While that was not my case. My weekend started on Thursday and we had a blast!! We were so busy I'll give you a little re-cap of all our awesome-ness ;)

The exhibition was in town and so needless to say while hubs was at work Momma, C & M headed over to "The Ex" with Nana and Papa. C had so much fun! He loved all the rides, food, games and animals. We got a few pictures and if y'all follow me on Instagram I posted a few there. Little Miss M loved really disliked the carousal. I tried to take her picture on the horse but she wouldn't even sit on it.  

Connor on "The Crazy Bus"

This face says it all!

Looks like Madeline is trying to run away.

The Food

The Games

The Prizes (which of course we didn't win any)

Little kidlets stayed with Nana and Papa for a sleepover and momma headed home to spend sometime with hubs and a nice bottle of vino! We chatted, watched a movie and relaxed. Saturday morning we both slept in, went out to breakfast with the hubs, grocery shopped without children in tow (which is a wonderful, wonderful feeling), got some quotes on in ground versus above ground pools (including hot tubs), went to a fabric store and did some shopping for a friend. It was a lovely day and while I missed my children, it was definitely nice to have some time alone with the hubs and then some momma ( wasn't momma instead I should say "Jen") time.

So what did I buy at the fabric store you might be wondering?? Why some fabric for the playroom of course, beautiful, fun, modern fabric for some curtains.

Curtain fabric

curtain and bench fabric

Isn't it beautiful?! I love it. It's so fun and I love the green and navy combination. I think it is going to look great with the white bookcases and the geometric navy & white backing. (sneak peek of that coming this week) I am so excited for the playroom to come together. Both of the fabrics are indoor/outdoor material so they will be extra durable for little fingers.

On Saturday we laid low and relaxed. Took the kids out to play, maybe did a little work in the playroom and hubs did something with his homemade wine.

Playroom books

Then on Sunday, hubs went golfing and I headed with some friends and their kids to the beach. SO.MUCH.FUN.  Madeline did not enjoy the beach at first, it would be an understatement to say she hated it. Screaming and crying commenced for the first 15 minutes or so of our trip. I guess in reality it isn't that long when you spend 4 hours there but it seemed like an eternity.

Once she warmed up to the idea of the sand (dry and wet) and the water, she liked loved it. We enjoyed some lunch (PB & J for C and just J for Miss M)

 We got lots of wet toes and found many beach 'treasures'



It was definitely a weekend for the books, everyone had a blast and we are in the countdown before school starts back, which means back to work for this momma. I am so enjoying summer, I don't want it to end.

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