Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's make some lemonade!

So today I had a "breakthrough" you could say. I spend so much of my time daily dreaming of what I "could" have, what I really want out of life. Whether this be wanting for home renovations or in the future we "could" possibly build a "bigger" and "better" house. I also dream about when I lose these last 10lbs what clothes I can buy. I read and look through all these blogs, where everything looks so perfect. There isn't a toy on the floor or a flower out of place. Then I glance around at my living room floor, toys everywhere, dishes in the sink. Chaos. Insanity. Craziness.

These bloggers that I read daily I love their blogs. They are an amazing group of ladies. So many great ideas and helpful tips; from home organization to renovation to health and fitness. My breakthrough today was, if I can say, is right in the blogs name " Learning to make Lemonade" I am sure y'all have heard the saying "If you have sour lemons, make lemonade" well I might not be able to build a new house or add an addition on at the moment or renovate the basement. What I CAN do is love what I have, organize my clutter and chaos that already exists. I can learn to love the beautiful house that I already own.

So this blog will be a journey of my self exploration on loving what I have, using the resources available and do my best at DIY.

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