Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch

Joining in on the ever so famous and fabulous KellyMegan and Lindsay for another Trendy Tot Tuesday!

A couple of weekends ago hubs and I bundled up the kidlets on a beautiful autumn day and went out to a local farm that was having a family fun day. Pumpkins, petting zoo and a corn maze. The kids were in all their glory. They also have a market where you can buy fresh, local, organic fruits and veggies. We're heading out there again this coming weekend, so I'll post more about the produce in another post. This post I'll focus solely on my children and their fabulous fall attire.

Oh my little Miss M, she is truly my little fashionista, but she is also a fire cracker and I have a hard time getting her to sit still for a picture.

As soon as she saw the pile of pumpkins she ran over. 

These were the two best pictures out of 1 million dozen that I took. I swear I just kept hitting the button and the camera just keep taking pictures. I figured I'd get a good one eventually. (and yes, her bangs are in her eyes, but I will not cut her hair. I am waiting for them to be all one length, She is so close how.Clips stay in the hair for a short while and then get pulled out.)

If you have two o more children, you will totally understand and get the next little bit I am about to type. Taking a picture with both children, looking and smiling at the camera is one of the hardest things to do! One will be looking and smiling while the other one is completely goofing off! Ugh, it is so frustrating at times but totally worth it when you finally get that great picture of the two of them.

They had so much fun and I had so much fun dressing them up. Connor's sweater I found at a local thrift shop, it's a Children's Place football sweater- so fitting for fall and football season! Madeline's smocked dress I bought last fall. She was growing like a weed and I thought for sure that she would be in size 24 months before she actually turned 2 (in February.) Well I was wrong, the dress is really big on her and I have a feeling we will get 2 (possibly 3) fall seasons from this dress. Although, it'll be hard for the shoppin' momma in me not to buy her something new for next year. 

Fall is possibly my favorite season, is it yours?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Halloween

It's been a while but I am linking back up with the ever so fabulous KellyMegan and Lindsay for another Trendy Tot Tuesday.

Halloween. It happens once a year and I love it. Well actually I love the dressing up, maybe it's the idea of being able to pretend to be someone else (or and maybe the bags and bags of candy help a little a lot!) I am having a hard time this year deciding on what Madeline could be. I always envisioned having a girl I would dress her up in cute "girly" costumes (princess, ladybug, butterfly etc)

These are all so sweet and I am sure she would look adorable in any of these. We had a friend's birthday party a few weekends ago and since his birthday is in October they were having a Halloween themed party--so fun! Connor was all set, he has a million costumes that he uses as dress up. I told him to pick one and then for actual Halloween we would go and buy him his costume. He picked Spiderman. 

I was all set on Madeline being a bumblebee because we had the costume from when Connor was 2 but then one day I was out shopping and came across this adorable ladybug "girly" costume tutu and all!! How could I leave it!! So needless to say I didn't. She looked ever so sweet.

While we were getting ready to go to the party, both kids were dressed and ready to go and Maddie found Connor's Spiderman mask and put it on. She started waking around making "monster" noises. *sigh*

That's my girl, she can be the girlest girl that I know and turn tomboy in 2.3 seconds flat. She is still going to be a ladybug for Halloween but I just know that next year if she wants to be a superhero, I'll let her. As much as mommy wants a girly girl, I want Madeline to be herself!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Connor's 4th Party

This weekend we celebrated our baby boy turning 4. Yes, 4 years old. Hard to believe that I am now the momma of one smart, funny, amazing little boy. He loves everything from dinosaurs to robots and when I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday and said "O-Bots" (Robots) He is in love with everything robots. So needless to say this momma aims to please. So here is a birthday picture post. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Little Fella!!