Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Little Boy Fall Fashion

So today as I link up with the fabulous Kelly, Lindsay and Megan for another Trendy Tot Tuesday, I decided that it was time to focus on the little fella in my life. The last two TTT posts have focused on Little Miss M and while she is momma's little fashionista, my little man C has a cute wardrobe as well. Dressing him for the fall will be just close to as much fun as dressing Miss M will be. So
without further ado here is some of the stylish attire I hope to be dressing Mister C in this coming autumn season.

I simply just adore this outfit from head to toe. The yellow shirt layered with the blue sweater and the green khaki's is just perfect.

I never thought that I would want C to wear skinny jeans but these are just perfect. I love the causal shirt layered with the plaid over shirt.

You can NEVER go wrong with Janie and Jack! This cable knit sweater is so adorable. C has so many J & J sweaters I found at a local thrift store (yes, I paid literally pennies for them) and they are now too small but I will never have the heart to get rid of them because I love them so much and they bring so many memories.

I just love the bright color of this cardi and maybe pair it with this blue and white plaid shirt and jeans it would be amazing! I.love.it!!

Although in reality, since Mister C has a mind of his own (and being nearly 4 years old) he tends to not let me dress him as much as I would like. So he'll probably be sporting something like this spiderman shirt and jogging pants most days.
But that is okay because as long as he is happy and comfortable that is all that matters (and I will take advantage of those days that he'll let me dress him)
{All original sources can be found here :Little Mans Fall Fashion}

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  1. I love Janie and Jack! Those outfits are all adorable! I would dress a little boy the exact same way.