Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inspiration Wednesday

I love coffee, it's what get's me through the day. Kids can drive you nuts, crazy actually, climbing on tables, dumping out bins of toys, hollering "I want a treat" all while the clock hasn't even reached 8 o freakin' am! When you are awake at 6 a.m. it is amazing what you can get accomplished, laundry, dishes, clothes out on the clothesline. So since I get up so early and get so much done I like to take some time for myself. So while my children are playing so well together (and) not killing each other, I sit down, enjoy my second cup of hot, beautiful, lovely French vanilla coffee from my Tassimo, I browse and explore the lovely world of pinterest. I <3 pinterest and I recently found out the 2 of my best friends are pinning as well. Funny, I've only been on there for a year and they are finally joining me. I really don't know what the fascination with it is, maybe it's the idea of being able to save all these fabulous ideas into one space, creating boards for everything and anything. Then being able to go to one great website and sort through all these images. It's just such a great tool.

In keeping with the playroom renovation, there are some fabulous playrooms that I've turned to for inspiration for my kids space.

                                                                    Modern Camelot

                                                                    Love Grows Wild

                                                                I Heart Organizing

Two of these three awesome playrooms have that tree stencil wall that can be found here and I really, like, REALLY want it, I just don't think I can convince hubs to pay that much for it. So if any of you wonderful people out in blogosphere know where I can get a inexpensive version I'd be ever so grateful! Another element I love is that MASKROS ceiling light from Ikea (found here). I just love this fixture and wish they shipped it online, who am I kidding I love so many Ikea things and I am in trouble once I can finally get hubs on board to order something.

So are you pinning? Do you search endlessly on other peoples blogs for fabulous ideas and inspiration?

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