Monday, August 26, 2013

Playroom Progress

Alert the media, we have another playroom progress update. The big reveal will be soon y'all, I promise. So I finally (even though I am as slow as molasses) got around to making the curtains for the playroom. I've shown you the wonderful, beautiful fabric that I bought for them.

Well, that fabric just sat around on my desk a while. Every.single.time I would go to the sewing machine something would happen, a child would need attention, the thread would break, the bobbin was threaded incorrectly (this was the story of my life). Finally today I was able to get everything in order and as soon as Ms. M went to bed I started. Now readers beware, I am NOT a avid sewer, I just like to think I am ;) I make curtains, pillow covers, blankets...things with straight lines. I probably don't do everything right, I always NEVER pin. I just hope I go in a straight line. Things work out usually, they are not perfect but I am okay with this. Life isn't always perfect but my products usually turn out nice and everyone is happy with them!

Firstly I threaded the machine.

Then (and some people would frown at me) I started to sew. I pray that I continue to go in a straight line ( doesn't usually happen) but I can always usually stay within my folded line.


Then voila, you have curtains. I love them and I believe they give the room some personality. C loves them too.

Another great thing about this material is that it is an indoor/outdoor fabric which I figure will work out great in a playroom meant for little kids and their little sticky fingers!

I also got around to hanging my alphabet cards. My idea of twine and mini clothespins was an EPIC FAIL! The cards were too heavy, and they came crashing down. I just put them up using sticky tac. I think they look great. Pictures of that will come very soon. I still have a few more projects to do before I post the full playroom reveal, but I think the room is coming along very nicely.


  1. I am head over heels with the fabric you used for the curtains - you did such a great job!

    ps - found your blog through the YHL forums :) will visit again. happy blogging + DIYing :)

  2. Thanks Jen! I love the fabric too, I am in the process of making pillows and a bench cushion, wait until you see them...I'm iin love :) haha

    Thanks for stopping by!