Thursday, August 22, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Home Renovations...WWYD?

So come this June (2014) both hubs and I will have our student loans paid off- yup, you heard that correctly. The huge amount of money that goes to paying off our education will be gone- halleluiah! So that means we can have some fun and finally do some home renovations like I have been dreaming about for the past 8 years. One slight problem, I'm so patient impatient I want to do everything all at once, but I am learning that can't be done so now it is the big decision of what to do first and really how much we want to spend. So today's fun is a little look at what I would like to do to our little nest :)

I love the light cabinets and light counters with a simple white subway backsplash. So classic and elegant and I will have to get some stainless appliances.
 That apron front farmhouse sink is absolutely to die for and the open shelving in the corner would be the perfect spot to display some dishes that we use everyday (but look nice).
I am so loving the open feeling that this staircase gives. I am considering adding the rod iron spindles and opening up to add a railing to the basement, possibly.
I don't want my sink in this location, but I would love to open my kitchen into the hallway to give a view of the family room. If I did it this is what I would like it to look like.
My side step needs to be replaced, it is way too small and falling apart. This would be lovely.
Another white on white kitchen, classic.
 Another example of the corner open shelving that I want but I would paint them white, not this olive green color. I do love the little spot for cookbooks.
(original site unknown)
Another thing I need desperately is a mudroom. Kids come with so much crap stuff. It doesn't have to be massive, just something like this would be beautiful.
I LOVE this island. This would be perfect with lighter counters painted maybe a soft blue.
I want to cover up my massive stone fireplace like this.
or like this one...beautiful.

I would also maybe like to open up the kitchen completely to the hallway like this....
My basement dreams
My desk area in the basement, love the chair and table.
This is what I envision when you walk down my basement stairs.
I am thinking of having storage like this along one wall.
(both images are from)
A small basement bar, hubs really wants this. I want it to be a creamy white color though to go with my nautical coastal beach house feel I want for the basement. (also add a microwave above the sink)
There are just so many decisions, hubs really wants a pool, I want the basement. The issue is how are we going to decide and come to a compromise. I think a pool should be last and even as much as I would love one now, I just can't justify the price that one will cost. Basically for the amount that a pool and everything that comes with it would cost we could do a lot of our interior work plus some exterior (screened in porch and side step). So over the next while we'll have to come up with a decision and hopefully we'll agree.....

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