Monday, September 23, 2013

Paint can do wonders

I painted. Yes that is correct. I bit the bullet and painted the dining room. I went through 50 million 5 tester cans of different colors. I couldn't decide. I didn't get a tester can of this one, will I regret it? Who knows. The color is Behr's Burnished Clay, has a beigy grey feeling...kinda like a greige.

I started by prepping the room, taping everything.

Then I went around and cut into all the corners. My mom was here to watch the kids for the morning, thank goodness because I would never have been able to do it all with them. Here is another view of the room , before the first coat went on.

Here is the room with one coat on and before I painted the sideboard. 

I wasn't just painting the walls, I had to paint the sideboard as well. That pine color really dated it. So off the doors go....

one coat of BIN primer....(look at the difference in the room already, so much brighter)

several coats of white paint....

on the sideboard itself as well...

This is a close up of the paint color....

It's nice but I am not completely sold yet. Wait until you see the room all put together.....until next time ;-)

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