Friday, September 6, 2013

Mommy Fall Fashion

Pumpkin Spice Latte, jeans, boots, over sized sweaters, football, flats and scarfs. All of these things remind me of autumn. I love the fall season. It makes me giddy with glee. It's the time that all my television shows return to TV (waiting patiently   for Parenthood to start back up), children return to school (although that also means I return to work), and the thing that I love the most is the clothing. After a long hot summer I look forward to being able to wear jeans and sweaters. I can not wait to dig out my scarves. It's the best time of year because you don't need to bundle up in crazy layers like in the winter time but you can wear a sweater without sweating to pieces. Most of my favorite fall looks are very casual and I can probably get away with wearing them on a casual Friday but not during the week to work.

I just love this layered look of the short shelve sweater over a long white tee.

I usually host Thanksgiving and I am totally wearing something like this.

I could probably wear this one to school. Perfect sweater dress paired with boots and a scarf.

Love these boots.

Leggings. Need I say more?!

Love the skinny jeans with boots and the plaid under the over sized sweater.

I am *in love* with the over sized poncho sweater with the boots and skinny jeans. You could also throw on a white long sleeve tee if it's a cooler day.

Evening date night with hubs. 

So now that I've covered some of my favorite casual looks I should throw in some weekday school looks.

Great for school. I simply adore plum and pencil skirts!

Perfect! dress, belt, scarf and flats. All ready for work and fall.

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All these looks are making me have the urge to head out shopping and buy some new things. I need to go through my closet first and see what I have to work with and what I will need. Will I have the will to wait? We'll see ;)

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