Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Connecting Two Rooms

I really wish I wasn't so indecisive, I really have a hard time to commit to something. With the dining room, I "hummed" and thought long and hard about the effect I was going for. I wanted clean and contemporary, yet warm and inviting. How was I going to achieve both those effects in that room. I don't think I've come to that yet, like you have seen in a previous post, I made beautiful grey and white striped curtains.

I "loved" them (yes you read that right...."loved" as in past tense.) See I told you, hard at making a decision. I thought I would always love them, but they are not me. Once the room came together, it was just TOO cold and well, like hubs said "too white". Everything was grey or white and it really didn't go with the warmness we were trying to achieve.

While searching the internet all weekend, trying to find that one picture that screams "that is what I want" I came across one. It was like a light come one. The kitchen has similar counter tops (well mine are laminate- but the colors are close), I just!

You can't really see it but the subway tiles are in two tones and are beige in color, something I think I could easily achieve with a tile like this: 
and this is my counters, butterum granite.

The cabinets are painted in Sherwin Williams Antique Ivory with a coffee glaze over them. My cabinets are very similar to this, so I could easily paint them and apply the glaze. The wall color is! I love it, it's Restoration Hardware Bay Laurel. I would probably hunt for something similar to it since I don't have a RH locally. This is the color...I love the hues and how in one right it reads green and it other lights it reads blue....

I am sorry if this dining room post turned into a kitchen renovation post. I am just itching at getting that room started.

Here is the beautiful ikea sink that I want, but I just want a single bowl. Now tell me why, I still haven't figured this out yet. Ikea will ship the double but not the single bowl? I only want the single.....sigh.
and what is a sink without a beautiful faucet, I love this one from Home Depot

So now you can get a real feel for how I want my house to feel like. Beachy, coastal, warm and inviting and the grey in the dining room just isn't doing it for me. Although, I may be able to keep it if I change the curtain fabric. Maybe to something like this one...all the colors are in this striped material, grey, aqua and green.

Here is my inspiration put together, all next to each other. I think the colors could work together.

So, here I am at a crossroads. Trying to make the most out of a paint situation that looks like it may have been the wrong choice. Let's see if I can make this work.

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